Workshop Development

Workshop Development Recommendations:

  • Suggested timeline framework [APPENDIX A]
  • Engage subject-matter experts to:
    • Update/modify curriculum as necessary – develop/revise slides
    • Participate as instructors
    • Serve as advisers in data science and/or advocacy
  • Use a workshop moderator for training consistency 
  • Outline expectations for SMEs, instructors, and moderators [APPENDIX B]
  • Small number of instructors
  • Outline expectations for participants [APPENDIX C]
  • Provide ample time for trainee applications – promote, submit, review, etc. 
  • Small training group 
  • Alert applicants about travel funding availability/restrictions ASAP – outline specific details and amounts for reimbursements
  • Meeting space and lodging facilities must be close together or transportation provided
  • Provide transportation to/from airport if no public transportation is available
  • Include networking reception/dinner during workshop
  • Provide participants hard copies of workshop materials